Thursday, August 6, 2020

Day 8 - Mask-in’

It’s certainly been a unique experience with having to wear a mask when outdoors (mandatory ruling or cop a fine where I live). I mean, I’m sure basically everyone would agree with the preference of NOT wearing a mask given the option (when there are no potential viruses around). I am certainly not a fan of it. I have tried a few types now - sock mask, disposable, and now I have a cloth one which I’ll give a spin when I go out later in the week.

All mask materials have differing levels of comfort/quality, but I’m preferring to talk about the experience I’ve had and some realisations from this experience.

The experience was definitely like a controlling. I mean, my choices are mask or fine. I will choose the mask for sure rather than receive a fine. I don’t want to talk about whether masks work or not, and what works against coronavirus and other viruses, but it gave me an insight into what it can be like to have more control placed in my life, where I am not so free to choose what I see is best for myself or best in general.

Wearing a mask whilst shopping around, walking, interacting with others - It made me think of those countries, societies, religions that are quite strict in their practices/rulings of how to live one’s life. I know I am very fortunate in terms of where I live (in Australia) and having many more freedoms based on where I live/freedom to choose religions and so on.

I guess the difference between those places/religions etc where those practices are basically taught from a young age, in this case with the mask scenario, I’ve learnt prior to think for myself/think freely. And learnt to explore all potential avenues to see what works and what does not.

There are many debates about masks and how useful they are, and debates about corona - and the economy. I don’t necessarily want to take any sides, and I like to hear from all sides, and also think for myself in what I see is best.

I personally don’t see the need to be wearing a mask the whole time I am outdoors, especially as I am feeling great health-wise. It does seem like a forced object that I am required to use, I mean, it is. I moreso understand/agree with a mask being used if one is more susceptible, is sick. That has more meaning in wearing a mask, to me. And it’s simply not as enjoyable living in this way. And I am lacking in experiencing a life I’d like to experience with this mask-barrier/obstacle.

It is a pity, I’d say, but it is what it is. Who knows what happens from here. All I know is I want this forced mask-usage to not exist ASAP.

And I am grateful that I can think freely/explore many options/avenues to exist how I best see fit.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Day 7 - Bound by what?

I wonder how many relationships (of any type) - Friendship, romantic relationship etc, I wonder how many of them are bound by genuine communication?

I personally have had many relationships in my life where genuine communication is severely lacking. And instead, what binds that person and I is generally one or maybe two specific interests. For me, often times that would be soccer. In addition, sometimes also a particular band or two. Or maybe either just soccer or a particular band. It’s cool to have mutual interests for sure, but if they are the main subject/topic/thing that binds or keeps two people in a relationship, that is not very real or practical whatsoever - in fact it is not real or practical at all.

I remember realising this in the past. Not even that long ago. Investigating what keeps Person A and me together so to speak. What is driving our relationship and communication? It was definitely interesting and surprising in many ways to find out it was one or at most two topics. Outside of that topic or two, there’d be very little in the way of any other talk or communication, unfortunately. For example with me and soccer - It’d always be about the results, when the next matches would be, likelihood of who would win the league, and so on.

Back then I was fine with this. It was one of my biggest interests in life, so I was more than happy to get sunk into it for hours on end with another person. After realising I wanted more out of relationships in general, often times I’d realise those relationships were really not fruitful, and not what I wanted in my life. Often I would try to steer those relationships/communications to other topics and such, but often without success. So, it’s not like I did not attempt to make these relationships and communications more varied and impactful.

And I understand also that that is what a lot of people are, really. They are their very specific interests. A sport, a team, a band, a genre, a skill. And thus there is no room for expanding into life, health, news, society etc. These days I find a lot more substance in those things. Doesn’t mean I dislike sport, music etc. I still enjoy those, but they are more like an added bonus to me in my life. If I can talk about a band I enjoy with another person, I also want to be able to discuss problems we could be both facing, and come to solutions together - for example. Let’s discuss our impact on the world, on earth, on the environment. Let’s discuss the impact of animals - and if we’re not exactly educated in such topics, let’s share and learn.

That also brings up the matter of expansion, learning, educating, teaching. There’s a myriad of things to discuss, but often we limit ourselves to one or two very specific things, and refuse to expand beyond those - which leaves relationships/communications very dull when you think about it. That is like misplaced passion. Misplaced interests.

Having a true impact on others/the world will not come through our strong support in a sport team etc. I see it simply as a matter of changing those priority levels a bit. Maybe a lot. But a bit just to start with. Makes for much more fruitful living in my experience.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Day 6 - Playful and having a laugh

I think it’s fantastic to be playful and have a laugh. I very much enjoy having a big sense of humour. I realise I laugh a lot more than I ever used to. Really helps in everyday moments I find. Not only in making potentially serious or potentially tough situations ‘lighter’, but it’s just simply fun to laugh. A lot of great moments come from laughing, having a joke, playing a joke etc.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to always be playful and have a laugh.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear offending people by laughing and being playful.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be as playful as I could because I fear the culture/society of recent times where people get triggered easily/take things very seriously.

I commit myself therefore to put the fun back into my life - and laugh a lot, because I choose to enjoy the time I have here, and want to do what’s best for my health and wellbeing - which often is to laugh.

I commit myself to embrace laughter and being playful by identifying moments where I can twist a situation to make it funny, or where I can express laughter or create something that can be joyous and fun.

I commit myself to enjoy and embrace the light heartedness of laughter, playing around, having a joke, and not taking life too seriously at all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Great little song here with a very simple but NECESSARY message - to love ourselves. Recommend having a listen, and also to check out this band in general and their other songs. They have a lot of great songs with meaningful lyrics about accepting ourselves and changing society for the best.

On this particular song, the singer said:

As I said, cool song to listen to though for each of us. Bet you'll enjoy it! I enjoy listening to their albums from start to finish, but this particular one is always a nice reminder for me to love myself (super vital!) and to not let society dictate my image/myself, what I do, how I act etc. So, if ever in doubt, give it a listen and sing along :)


If someone talked to you
the way you do to you
I'd put their teeth through
love yourself
and that's what they do
the bastards make you
not want to look like you
so you pay through the nose 
to look like someone else
like the weirdos on the shelf
love yourself

I go outside
and I feel free
cause I smash mirrors 
And fuck tv

If someone talked to you
the way you do to you
I'd put their teeth through
love yourself
and that's what they do
the bastards make you
not want to look like you
so you pay through the nose 
to look like someone else
like the weirdos on the shelf
love yourself

I go outside
and I feel free
cause I smash mirrors 
and fuck tv

I spoke to god in my dreams last night
she said I'd go to heaven if my teeth was white
medicator medicator medicator
numb me from these naysayer 
And their crocodile fears
and their crocodile love
and their crocodile tears

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Day 4 - Celebrate good times, come on!

I commit myself to celebrate myself.

I commit myself to celebrate my victories in life, no matter the circumstances or the size of the achievement/win.

I commit myself to redefine victories/wins so that I can expand on what a victory/win can be, so as to give myself more opportunities to celebrate myself.

I commit myself to celebrate my change, my progress, my growth, my learning, my helping.

I commit myself to celebrate the times I don’t go into reaction, into fear, judgement etc.

I commit myself to give kudos to myself.

I commit myself to acknowledge my wins.

I commit myself to show myself love, value, and appreciation through acknowledgement and  celebration of what I do well.

There is in fact a major difference between ego and confidence. Self-confidence, specifically. I realise that’s why I’ve had resistances to the above for example. Celebrating myself. Acknowledging. In my mind if I am to do that, I think “Wait, don’t stroke that ego..I don’t want to become one of those types.”

But there is an absolute difference. Which is why I commit myself to show myself value, worth etc. And this is a way I can do so. It's as simple as that. I am not celebrating myself to parade myself to the world as if I am better, best - of course not. I am building my confidence, my stability. It’s simply a means of accepting, of self-accepting. There is NO ulterior motive, which can exist by means of EGO.

Celebrating small/large victories - changes etc, it is just to realise that within myself. To be aware of this. That is all. I can also give myself a pat on the back, or a self-hug! No loss to anyone, just gain for myself.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Day 3 - Superiority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to feel superior to another for whatever reason.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to feel superior to another so that I can feel more confident within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attempt to heighten myself as a person, at the expense of someone.

Therefore I commit myself to accept my strengths/weaknesses, and myself in general, where I simply act upon what I currently am, without bringing a power struggle into proceedings within myself and others as if a competition is existent within my mind.

I commit myself to find confidence within myself through acceptance, value, appreciation, understanding, respect, and also realise that confidence/stability is never about anything or anyone outside of myself, and that confidence/stability is something only I can find, create, and keep, within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever decrease another’s value/self/input/output purely for my own issues with confidence, and attempting to exploit another for my own issues.

I commit myself to be level with all beings, and therefore just correct my own patterns/thoughts, and self, without ever making my life about others.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Day 2 - Sharing

I’ve had quite a few resistances to sharing. I speak of sharing things publicly, mainly in relation to my writings/my perspective on things. Often, there’s that thought/fear of the typical what will people think-type of question. And how will it be received? And other similar thoughts/concerns.

I love it when people share what’s truly on their mind. There is a lot of pointless sharings on social platforms, but there are individuals that share, truly. I say share truly, because you can just tell they are not holding back. They are not compromising what they are saying/sharing. It is genuine. It’s a true expression of themselves, and it CAN be seen/noticed.

It’d be fantastic if none of us cared. If none of us cared how our thoughts/sharings would be taken. And not fearing potential outcomes that don’t necessarily work in our favour. That would make for some quality material, from all of us! I’d love to see that. But too often we don’t share that stuff. The stuff we’d like to share, but simply don’t. We’re constantly judging ourselves, and therefore judging others. Judging their sharing, judging our sharing.

It’s very tough to share a different side to ourselves, well, more like the true side to ourselves. We often want to be seen a certain way, in a certain light. I of course do understand why we don’t share more of ourselves, our true thoughts, intentions. I’m just sharing, ahem, about these facts.

I think we all have some awesome stuff to share. That can simply be a unique/original perspective, that is unique/original to EACH PERSON. We each have a unique voice, and so it’s always worth it to share one’s voice. That is education. That is growth. For the sharer and the receiver. It’s seriously a win/win situation.

I’d like to hear what’s truly on your mind. Don’t have that thought/perspective be necessarily formulated or clouded in news stories/what we see on TV. Yes, take that into consideration, but have the ability to think/share freely.

And we all have that potential, we just gotta do it! Start somewhere, and see what happens. See how we feel upon sharing more openly and freely. And be an example to others of this cool sharing.

It is a reminder to myself too. That I have a unique/individual and original voice. Sharing is fun, and going through with sharing, whilst being tough, is worth it, whatever the cost. Make those private perspectives, whether on paper/document, or mind...make them visible for all to see/breathe in!

We should all be sponges, soaking in everyone’s individual sharings/points, and become a ‘fuller’ person because of that.